Leadership Team Coaching

In some cases, when an executive is less effective than he or she might be, some of the barriers to performance may lie in the dynamics of the leadership team they work with. When new members join a team, when the organization is knee-deep in a company-wide reorganization or merger/acquisition, or when there are long-standing conflicts within the team about the organization’s strategic vision and key outcomes, challenges arise for the members of the team that individual coaching alone cannot address. It is necessary to work as well with the team as a whole.

Leadership team coaching helps the team establish a collective vision, formulate an appropriate strategy for achieving it, and optimize each member’s contribution to the effort. Using 360 team feedback, custom-designed workshops, and some of the same assessment instruments we employ in individual coaching assignments, we help the members of the team bring hidden, often conflicting assumptions and agendas to the surface; learn to trust each other and solve problems together; and finally to give each other credit for what they have accomplished. The result is a high-performance team—a leadership organization that speaks with the same mind and the same goals and values, that empowers its members and those they touch to achieve more than anyone thought possible.