Time For A Coach

The best times for a coach are the good times. Even the most successful executives need a coach from time to time. It’s a great way to take stock of your progress and recommit to addressing areas that will be key to future opportunities and challenges. The good times give you time to take that broader view. They are the reward for a job well done, a reward that comes in the form of time to look at questions and issues that got pushed out of the way by the successful projects that got you where you are. But don’t rest on your laurels until they turn into thorns: the good times are also a signal that you have reached a new, higher plateau in your performance and should be thinking about what you will do next. A good coach can help you get started.

Other times are equally good times to have a coach by your side.
Here are just a few

  • Your extraordinary performance has identified you as a high-potential manager, but you need new perspective and new skills to realize that potential, including the skills to inspire and bring out the best in others
  • You are not sure how best to navigate the internal politics of your organization
  • You want to clarify your personal vision and career goals, including the relationship between your work and your life
  • You need new ways to attack old and persistent problems
  • You need someone to pay complete, unbiased attention to your ideas, help you further define them and make them come true