Executive Coaching: Re-Branding & Re-Careering

Like your organization’s products and services, you, too, have a brand—a unique leadership identity and value proposition that you present to your internal and external customers with everything you say and do. That’s why it’s a good idea, even for the most effective and self-aware executives, to revisit their brand from time to time, to ask, “What is my personal and professional identity, and how can I fine-tune it to better align myself with the internal and external markets for my products and ideas?”

A professional coach can help you do that objectively, decide whether your brand is still as vital as it once was, and what changes you might make to increase your impact as a manager and leader. Unlike friends, mentors, and colleagues–who can, of course, also provide helpful advice and guidance–we coach and mentor for a living. We have the tools to create an comprehensive and objective picture of your brand as it is today, help you define what you want it to be tomorrow, and the time and dedication to stay with you until the job is done.

Like brands, careers can go stale, too—and for many of the same reasons. So it’s a good idea to look at the sources of your energy and excitement from time to time, at the things you are passionate about doing, to see if they still have the power to create new dreams and excitement in the environment where you work. If not, we can help you identify and evaluate alternative career paths, gather the information you need to make an intelligent decision, connect you with our network of professionals in the field, and help you plan a successful transition. For a concrete example of our re-careering work, see “Managing a Career Change for a Successful Vice-President,” under case studies.